local history


The area north of Highway Zinedine martyr, south to Highway Mission, East Street, the good professor from West to Highway martyr Sayad Shirazi leads.

K. M. Abad district of the West side, north of the holy Islamabad, Shams Abad district of the East - Mjydyh south from the neighboring 8th District Tehran Municipality. Population of about 27,659 people live on K. Abad.
K. Abad Tehran within 25 years, and in the northeast section of the city's outskirts Shemiran. Rehabilitation is located 6 kilometers south-east.

Tehran's cultural and social history of the third volume of the book, called Kazmabad with 116 inhabitants in the year 1335

Badyhay 25-year plan, which takes the name from the year 1335 until the enactment of a comprehensive plan for Tehran in the range of integration

(Have (fill Humayun, 1379

Range Kazmabad old original documents issued in accordance with Part 46 of the 11 properties that Tehran is

Hsynabad and Mbarkabad are north, south and Mjydyh River, East Shamsabad and sincere -

. (Islamabad and the West bank (Ramazani, Persian date Aban 1388

Kazmabad village has several gardens and some agricultural lands. It has a subterranean

Kazmabad canals to irrigate their farms were called and allegedly had a water mill in

Time Khvaj heirs still have to add a motorized mill. The village of cereal and fruit products


At the time of the Shah, K. Abad, a 25-year span of the project and therefore a formal license

Construction will not be issued. However, due to the expansion of Tehran since 1335 onwards and the need for shelter, many


People can not buy the cheap land in Tehran within the neighborhood at night to

Illegal attempt to construct a shelter for their families lived.

Like some other area localities forming the fourth quarter Kazmabad issues such as population growth and

Migrated to Tehran and the need for housing and land in this neighborhood is finally bestowed. Original owner

Neighborhood, family, eunuchs were light. Then, due to their need for shelter and the expansion of Tehran

Kazmabad quarter divided land slowly and Segmentation current income and led to formation of

And can affect people in the process such as: the owners and the community documents.

Because the neighborhood was originally a village, its inhabitants and households in terms of gender, men are always

Most of the women. In the early development of the neighborhood, which is located approximately from year 1335 onwards, mostly young children

Between years were due to marriage and Analgesia came to this neighborhood.

In terms of religion, from the beginning the majority Shia population, some of the homes were

Armenians settled in South Kazmabad terms of job creation in the first half of the working population

Were added and the number of employees. After the revolution, the highest and most influential business groups were in the neighborhood.

Tradespeople now that the neighborhood streets and Shahid Rasool gets Mabad Rahimi (beam) are the economic effects

. (Many were in the neighborhood (Ramazani, Persian date Aban 1388






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